Banks with a difference

These banks scored significantly better that the big 5 across the board for honesty, customer service, impact on the real economy, culture, and ethics.

We rate a number of Britain’s banks highly thanks to their innovative and unique approach to financial services. Whether it’s through providing a truly bespoke and customer-driven service, or imbuing the banks operations with an ethical approach that aligns with your values, these banks scored significantly better than the big 5 across the board on our scorecard.

The banks in this section don’t necessarily have a specific ethical or social aim (although some do) – what largely makes them different is that they place the customer experience at the very heart of their services.

Whether that’s avoiding speculative, risky and unethical investments, giving individual branches the power to make their own decisions, or providing financial services that align with people’s moral and religious values, these organisations act very differently from the too-big-to-fail high street banks.

All of these banks scored well on the Move Your Money scorecard, and all 3 are part of our green-rated current account providers list. Not only do their fresh approaches to banking show that it’s possible to do things better whilst still generating excellent results year on year, they also provide genuine competition to the Big 5-dominated sector – and real choice to British citizens.